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  • Elaboration of feasibility studies for investments in the construction of new power stations and boiler installations and reconstruction of running power stations;
  • Comprehensive engineering of thermal power stations of all types and power capacities including condensing, power-and-heat generation plants, gas turbine installations, combined cycle gas and cogeneration plants and diesel power stations;
  • Comprehensive engineering of certain systems and structures for nuclear power stations which refer to the components of normal operation and have no impact on NPP safety;
  • Comprehensive engineering of hydroelectric power stations of low and mini-power capacity;
  • Comprehensive engineering of industrial and communal boiler installations of low, medium and high capacity;
  • Engineering of transformer substations and switchgears from 6.3 to 400 kV ratings including gas-insulated switchgears;
  • Engineering of heat and gas supply systems of industrial and communal projects;
  • Architectural cum civil engineering of dwelling, public and industrial houses of housing cum communal and industrial character;
  • Engineering of service, rain and oil contaminated effluent water purification structures;
  • Engineering of water intake structures (subsurface and surface water), purification structures, cooling systems with cooling towers, spray cooling pools and cooling reservoirs, direct flow cooling systems with use of sea water;
  • Engineering of hydro technical structures: cooling towers, ash disposal areas, water cooling reservoirs, channels, pump stations;
  • Engineering of fire-fighting installations, fire annunciation, smoke detection systems, alarm systems and people evacuation, control systems in case of fire, lighting protection arrangements for buildings and facilities and fire protection structures;
  • Design developments for condensing and power-and-heat generation stations, gas turbine units, combined cycle and cogeneration plants;
  • Utility engineering of ecologically conscious recycling clusters and plants.
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